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What is Ecolon Ceramic Nonstick Coating?

by Greg Gamarra on February 03, 2021

Do you wake up in the middle of the night sweating and shaking over the thought of scrubbing burnt-on residue off of your pots and pans? It is the most basic human fear… probably. Everybody loves to eat. Some of us love to cook. Nobody loves to clean.

It is a tale as old as time itself. You know the story. Tribal man gathers around a campfire to share in a meal. Surrounded by friends and family, stories are shared while delicious food warms the belly and the heart. However, there is one problem. This story always leaves out what comes next. The clean-up! Someone has to wash those dishes in time for tomorrow’s feast.

Enter the hero… nonstick ceramic coating!

Our cave dwelling ancestors only wish they had Ecolon coating back in the day. Lucky for you, generations of chemical science have culminated into this patented, eco-friendly, scratch resistant, colorful, awesome, gift to mankind. Decades from now society will look back upon this revolutionary moment in cookware science and exclaim, “Modernity did not begin with the advent of agriculture, the birth of atomic energy, or the dawn of the computer. No! Modern man can trace his beginnings back to the moment he first fried an egg without butter and could easily remove it from his frying pan!”

Ecolon is a unique nonstick ceramic coating. It provides reliable nonstick performance without the risks associated with PTFE and PFOA. Here at Neoflam, we are excited to bring health-conscious products into your home. You can feel safe and secure in knowing your cookware is coated with all-natural materials.

Many people have been turned off by previous iterations of nonstick cookware. Common complaints over longevity, nonstick degradation, and toxicity have been addressed with the advent of Ecolon ceramic coating. Today, nonstick ceramic cookware has proven to be extremely durable. It can last a lifetime given proper use and care.