Warranty Policy

  1. All Ceramic cookware has limited lifetime warranty.
  2. Cookware used under normal house usage only is eligible for warranty.
  3. Minor imperfections are not eligible for warranty.
  4. After one year from purchase, if your cookware is under warranty, then customers are responsible to pay the shipping charges.
  5. We do not promise a certain degree of non stick performance to our cookware.
  6. Any wear and tear happened due to regular usage over a period of time, is normal and hence not covered under warranty.
  7. Warranty is based on case to case basis. Please contact support@neoflam.us for more info regarding your case, to find out more.
  8. Non cookware items like cutting boards, food storage etc have one year limited warranty.
  9. Spare parts like handles, knobs etc have one year limited warranty.
  10. Any products purchased from other retailers, need to go back to them in case of return/ exchange or warranty before contacting to Neoflam.
  11. Warranty is void when failed to follow the use and care instructions.