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Fika collectiAlt text: "A modern kitchen setup featuring a white subway tile backsplash with two wooden shelves holding various cooking utensils and white pots. On a wooden countertop, there are additional white cooking pots and pans, along with a small plant and some onions and garlic.on photos

Fika Cookware

A neatly organized collection of transparent storage containers on a white shelf. The containers are filled with a variety of kitchen staples, including spaghetti, cookies, peas, cherry tomatoes, lemons, and cereal loops, each container labeled with 'Smart Seal Point' at the top

Smart Seal

Overhead view of a kitchen counter during meal preparation, showcasing a person's hands cutting green celery on a blue cutting board. Surrounding areas include a pink cutting board with Brussels sprouts, various fresh vegetables like carrots, lemons, and mushrooms, and a bowl filled with tomatoes.

Cutting Board

Promotional banner for a Mother's Day Sale, featuring a sequence of four panels with artistic displays of kitchenware. The first panel shows kitchen items in a red and pink floral setting; the second presents them amidst golden accents; the third highlights a whimsical setup with a mouse figurine; and the fourth displays items against a blue striped background. The central text announces 'Shop now! Mother's Day Sale - Enjoy 10% off and earn a 10% e-Gift Card.
Alt text: "Promotional image for a Mother's Day sale on a pink background. The text 'FOR MOM, WITH LOVE.' at the top, followed by 'Enjoy a Gift with Purchase for this Mother's Day Season.' Below, a visual arrangement features a frying pan with grilled chicken, a pot with two buns, and a plate of salad. The bottom text offers '10% OFF + 10% E-GIFT CARD' stating that shopping any item will receive a 10% discount and a gift card worth an additional 10% of the purchase total.
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