About Neoflam

NeoflamShop.com is owned and operated by Neoflam Americas, a branch dedicated to bringing Neoflam® products to Americas.


Neoflam® is a privately-held multinational corporation with sales offices on six continents and over 1,000 employees worldwide. Neoflam® is committed to providing innovative, stylish kitchenware that is beneficial to human and environmental well being.

We have established long-term relationships with industry forerunners to combine their technologies with our own for the benefit of today’s discerning, conscientious consumers. Ultimately, our success is the result of our passionate customer-service, dedicated employees and, of course, our loyal customers.

Company History

  • 1990: Company launched in Korea as an importer and distributor of kitchenware from the US and Europe
  • 2006: Neoflam® began manufacturing with the introduction of our cutting boards with Microban® antimicrobial protection, as the worldwide exclusive licensee for this category
  • 2008: Began production of cast aluminum cookware with Ecolon™ ceramic nonstick coating
  • 2013: Cookware launched in U.S. market

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Our U.S. Headquarters is located 23062 La Cadena Dr Laguna Hills CA, 92653