Midas Multi Color 9pc Set, Detachable Handle(Misty Forest)

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Neoflam Midas with Detachable Handle

Midas Cast Aluminum Cookware 9pc Set with detachable handle is a very convenient way to cook your meals. You can cook, bake, and store your meal in a single pot. After you are done cooking, place your cookware in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Or if you have any food leftovers, simply put a plastic lid on top of the cookware and store it in your refrigerator for later.

The MIDAS detachable handle provides excellent grip when latching onto the cookware. It also fully detaches from the cookware safely and easily.


  • Detachable handle attaches/detaches securely to/from cookware
  • Plastic lids allow the cookware to be converted into food storage containers
  • Nestable for compact storage
  • Ecolon nonstick ceramic coating provides superior nonstick performance and highly scratch resistant durability
  • PFOA-free
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

What's Included:

  • 1.7qt Saucepan (6.2-inch)
  • 2.5qt Stockpot (8-inch)
  • 3qt Low Stockpot (9.5-inch)
  • 11-inch Frying Pan
  • 2.5qt (8-inch) Stockpot Plastic Lid
  • 3qt (9.5-inch) Low Stockpot Plastic Lid
  • 2.5qt (8-inch) Stockpot Glass Lid
  • 3qt (9.5") Low Stockpot Glass Lid
  • Detachable Handle*

*Extra handles can be purchased separately.

Ecolon - The Healthy Choice for Nonstick Cookware

Ecolon is Neoflam’s innovative nonstick ceramic coating made from all-natural materials. It is applied to the interior and exterior of our cookware, which extends the life of the product and ensures it is easy to use and maintain. The result is a healthier choice for people and the environment. Of course, it does not contain PTFE/PFOA.

Use & Care:

  • Cooking: Always cook on medium or low heat when using cast aluminum cookware. Only minimal preheating is required. We suggest using a little bit of oil or butter to preserve the nonstick surface. Always use wooden or plastic utensils instead of metal utensils.
  • Cleaning: The cookware is dishwasher safe. However, we recommend hand-washing all cookware with warm, soapy water and a soft sponge. Please do not use metal abrasives.
  • Storage: Always use a pan protector or towel between cookware when nesting.

How To Use The Detachable Handle:

  • Attach the handle to the rim of the cookware, then grip the lever located on the underside of the handle and press it completely.
  • To detach, pull the oval-shaped latch on the handle backwards.
  • After pulling the latch, release the lever to detach the handle from the cookware. The handle will detach when the lever is fully released.