Fika 4pc Pot set

$ 148.99
$ 148.99

4pc set includes:

  • FIKA 2.7QT Stock Pot, Glass Lid (8.7"/ 22cm), 
  • FIKA 4.9QT Deep Stock Pot, Glass lid ( 8.7" / 22cm)


Excellent pot for preparing dish that requires large volume of water like stock, soup, stew, chili, and boiling noodles, pasta, corn, potatoes, vegetables, and seafood. 


Scandinavian inspired design with simple round contours, subtle color combination of matte off-white outer surfaces and glossy sand-colored inner coating, wooden non-slip grip oval handle and lid top. Silicone rim on the tempered glass-lid matched the body exterior color and it closes the cookware precisely and quietly.



All FIKA non-stick ceramic coatings are non-toxic and do not release Nickel, Cadmium, heavy metals, PFOA/PTFE. The superior 6-layered Xtrema ceramic coating is all-natural, eco-friendly, and enhances cookware durability and nonstick power. Allows food to slide off easily and cleaning, a breeze.



Utilizing cast aluminum technology, it is 1/3 the weight of cast iron. Has excellent heat conductivity hence, it heats up food more quickly and evenly. Reduces energy consumption and cooking time. Compatible with heat sources such as induction, electric, radiant, and gas stove top.



FIKA cookware makes cooking enjoyable and pleasant. Its ergonomic natural design fits well into any kitchen. Perfect for your cooking needs and accentuates your creative cooking experience. A great gift for wedding, birthday, graduation, and other special occasions.



World class product of NEOFLAM and manufactured in Korea. Durable, highly scratch-resistant, easy to clean, but lid not dishwasher safe.  LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. For best results, do not use abrasive cleaners, do not excessively preheat empty cookware, and do not use in the microwave.

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