Odense Atelier 25pc Tea Set

$ 97.00 $ 249.99
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Discover the enchanting blend of European sophistication and classical Eastern aesthetics with the "Odense For Alle" Dinner Set. Inspired by the timeless tales of Andersen, this exquisite collection is perfectly suited for the global gourmand. Featuring rice bowls, soup bowls, and dishes, each piece is crafted to meet diverse culinary demands.

Engineered with Neoflam's cutting-edge technology, our dinnerware boasts an innovative ceramic composition that reduces terracotta water absorption to less than 0.3%, offering the durability and finesse of porcelain. Not only is this set functional with its heat-resistant properties, making it ideal for use on ceramic stovetops, but it also doubles as elegant tableware.

Available in an array of vibrant, unprecedented colors, the Odense For Alle set brings a fresh and delightful update to traditional terracotta. Elevate your dining experience with this versatile and stylish collection, designed to cherish and inspire.