Vulcan Casserole 24cm, T-Coating, 4QT (3.7L)

$ 69.99
$ 69.99

All Neoflam ceramic coating cookwares are non-toxic and do not release Nickel, Cadmium, heave metals, PFOA/PTFE. The superior Xtrema ceramic coating is all-natural, eco-friendly, and enhanced cookware duralibility. Allows food to side off easily and cleaning, a breeze.

Visible pot lid, two-ear handle design
Comfortable to hold, pour soup neatly without leaking
No rivet design, one-piece molding, easy to clean, no stains
XTREMA exclusive ceramic coating, better anti-sticking effect

How to use for the first time after purchase
1. After the first use, add detergent to the water and clean it with a soft rag
2. After cleaning, wipe it with a dry coin and keep it in a dry state

Tips for Cleaning Grease
1. Wash the grease and food residue with hot water, add a little flour
2. Rub with a soft sponge or kitchen towel, the flour will absorb oil stains, after removing the grease, use kitchen detergent to wash gently, the oil will be removed;
3. If you use a small amount of oil to refine before use, it can be used for a longer time: After cleaning, spread the oil evenly on the baking pan with a kitchen paper towel, preheat it with a small fire, it is steaming, after smoking, turn off the fire, Slowly cool down, repeat 2~3 times, and the refining is completed

1. Do not heat for a long time when there is nothing in the pot.
2. Rapid changes in temperature may cause damage to the coating. Do not add cold water or artificially cool the pot when it is hot.
3. In order to avoid the peeling off of the coating, do not use sharp or rough cooking tools.
4. Do not use in the microwave
5. The pan is not a storage container. Do not put food in the pan for a long time, which will cause the pan to corrode.
6. Microwave ovens and dishwashers are not suitable

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