What is the Future of Cookware? Color!

What is the Future of Cookware? Color!

Fashion statements aren’t reserved for NYC catwalks and Millennial urbanites. Everyday we make a statement with the cars we drive, clothes we wear, and foods we eat. Whether it is for fashion, health, or utility, these statements define our lives and lifestyle. The home is no exception.

If you have ever watched one of those home remodeling shows on TV (of course you have), you know the biggest impact is often made by changing the things inside the home - not the home itself. During those eye-watering moments when the mom raises her hand to her mouth in utter disbelief, she is not thinking about the concrete foundation or plumbing. She is absorbing the design. The unique wall-piece crafted from vintage bottle caps, the repurposed stools that have been downsized to end tables, and the freshly painted kitchen cabinets are what brings tears to her eyes.

With home design, people often think about the big ticket items. The average kitchen remodel costs anywhere between $18,000 and $54,000, according to Popular Mechanics. Between the time, money, and stress, it is a wonder anyone ever commits to a remodel. So, if you can’t liven up your home with a major makeover, what other options do you have?

Good design is in the details. Instead of thinking big... think small. If you can’t replace your stove, replace your frying pans. If you can’t replace your countertop, replace your cutting boards. If you can’t replace your dinner table, replace your serving vessels. Replacing the things you interact with on a daily basis will have the greatest impact.

Trends To Look Out For

Color is back! The modern kitchen is full of shiny metallics, neutral cabinets, and stone finishes. Why do we limit ourselves to a tiny slice of the color spectrum? We eat with our eyes! We want our meals and recipes to be full of color. Why not our cookware? Luckily, a revolution is underway with nonstick ceramic coatings. These new, eco-friendly materials give manufacturers more flexibility in terms of color and application. Translation: black, metallic, and cream are not your only options. You can use a pink heart-shaped frying pan for loveable eggs in the morning, and a deep red one-pot cooking vessel for easy dinners at night. Your cookware will look so good you can even use it for serving!

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  • Greg Gamarra