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What is Cast Aluminum Cookware?

by Greg Gamarra on January 29, 2016

There is a new flame in the cookware industry. It is leading the way in lightweight, durable, and colorful design. Since opening in 2008, Neoflam has quickly reached the pinnacle of cookware manufacturing thanks to the reliability of cast aluminum products.

For you cookware aficionados, cast iron is a material you are probably familiar with. However, you should be aware of cast aluminum. It is growing in popularity due to its many positive features.

  • Affordability: High-end stainless steel prices are often too steep for the average household. Cast aluminum offers many of the same qualities without the huge price tag.

  • Durability: Many aluminum cookware products are stamped during the manufacturing process. This means they are prone to defects, and warping when heated, which leads to uneven cooking and an unusable pan.

  • Design: The casting process allows for unique designs. Anything the design team can make into a mold can be cast into a beautiful product for your kitchen.

  • Coatings: The knock on cast aluminum used to be the associated coatings. For many years, nonstick pans contained harmful substances like PTFE and PFOA. Today, all-natural ceramic coatings provide a safe and long-lasting alternative.

  • Colors: Cast aluminum products are a great way to add color to your kitchen. Say goodbye to the same old black, grey, and white finishes. Neoflam offers a wide assortment of colors to fit your personal style.

Many people are concerned over the longevity of cast aluminum. They envision a cast iron piece of cookware being passed down like a family heirloom, and are diswayed by stories of aluminum warping and nonstick coating degrading. Luckily, Neoflam has solved this issue by combining an innovative casting process with a high-quality ceramic coating.

Casting expands the lifespan of the cookware when compared to the conventional stamping process. It allows manufacturers to create thicker, more durable bodies, which helps pots and pans stand up to the heat. When you combine these stronger frames with ceramic coating, the cookware becomes heirloom quality ⎻⎻ something your family will enjoy for years.